Spring has arrived: Create extra living space

This spring you create extra space in a simple and cost efficient way living in a small apartment in Amsterdam by using storage space from a neighbor.

Storage sharing and enjoying sunshine Amsterdam

It’s that time of the year... Winter is officially over and we cannot wait to take off that huge winter coat and sweater to feel the warm sunshine touching our skin. As temperatures are SLOWLY rising and days are getting longer, Amsterdam starts to smell like spring. Do you still remember what it feels like to bike around Amsterdam in your t-shirt?

Spring tradition Martenitsa

How you really know spring has arrived?

Is it by the very first blooming tree, the warm sunlight reflecting from the canals or by the sweet smell of tulips? In India and Nepal, people welcome spring with the Festival of Colors “Holi”, It’s that event where they throw colored powders and water at each other. And in Bulgaria, the so called Baba Marta, kicks off spring. On the first day of March people give each other red-and-white bracelets, called Martenitsa. They bring luck, prosperity and well-being. In Holland, buses full of tourists drive up to the Keukenhof to march through the flower fields.

Tourists in Keukenhof tulip fields near Amsterdam
de Keukenhof - Source: rtl-z

Create extra living space

Spring is the season of new beginnings, the time you can make a fresh start and come up with new ideas for the year. Do home improvements, create an urban garden on your balcony, or do the big spring cleanup. How about creating extra living space in a simple and cost efficient way…

Djeepo storage space sharing app hosts amsterdam

Storage sharing app

Get rid of those ice skates, skis, Christmas decorations and all kinds of other winter stuff you won’t be using anytime soon. But where should you store those boxes full of stuff? Store it at your neighbor who has a storage room that he doesn’t use! Djeepo's storage sharing app lets you store extra belongings around the corner without breaking the bank. See it as a cheap way to increase the number of square meters of your apartment. You’ll have more space, so you can finally invite your friends over all at the same time.

Find affordable storage space in the center of Amsterdam here.