Meet Parcls: The Time Saving Package Collection Point, Sunny Terrace and Luggage Storage in the Heart of Amsterdam.

Djeepo Luggage Storage Amsterdam host Parcls

The feeling that you get when you discover Parcls' Center for the very first time is that of an undiscovered local hotspot. Perfect for a cup of delicious and fair chain coffee on a sunny day on their picturesque terrace. Located in the center of Amsterdam, right next to Rembrandtplein and the Flower market. It’s a surprising oasis of serenity in the middle of the hustle and bustle in this touristy part of Amsterdam is not what you'd expect. It is however exactly what Parcls Center is.

But, Parcls is more than that. You know that feeling of not being home when a online purchase is delivered? Annoying right?! You have to wait another day or two before you can finally get your hands on it, because you weren’t home when the package was delivered. The people behind Parcls came up with a simple but clever solution for this problem and took package delivery to the 21st century. Parcls lets you send your packages, mail or parcels to a nearby mail collection point in Amsterdam. This way you can pick up your package whenever it suits you.

Package Pickup Point and Luggage Storage Amsterdam

Parcls can also deliver your packages at a time and place that’s most convenient for you. They deliver your packages – by bike – within a 15 minutes window of a specified time. Besides being convenient, Parcls package service also contributes to a more efficient and environment friendly mail delivery system. Dropping off packages at a central neighborhood hub saves a huge number of unnecessary rides of mail delivery vans.

According to General Manager Jori Spitz, people make online orders all the time and that will only increase. The traditional parcel delivery system doesn’t work anymore. “It’s so annoying when you have to wait at home the entire day for your package to arrive. And then somehow you manage to miss the delivery man when he finally arrives.” And if you know the feeling of being stuck in traffic in the center of Amsterdam because a delivery van is blocking the street, you know that Parcls, is the solution Amsterdam was longing for.

Storing Bags for Amsterdam's Visitors

Since their start, Parcls gained a lot of popularity among Amsterdam’s locals and expats. However, they still had some unused space in their two centrally located package pick-up points and decided to offer that space as affordable luggage storage. That’s when they found out about Djeepo’s (luggage) storage platform.

Amsterdam Visitors Carrying Luggage

Amsterdam based sharing economy startup Djeepo connects people who need storage space with others who have unused storage space. Besides helping locals find affordable storage rooms in their own neighborhood, Djeepo also helps visitors to Amsterdam find a cheap and nearby luggage storage location. This way Djeepo helps Parcls to monetize their unused space while keeping them focused on their core business.

Parcls currently has package pick-up points and Djeepo luggage storage locations in the Center of Amsterdam and in De Pijp.


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