Meet the storage sharing twins Beatrice and Ebba from Lund

Find out how your empty storage space can help your wallet AND the environment! 

Beatrice and Ebba were raised on the Swedish countryside and they have always had a strong connection with nature. Living a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle is an essential part of them and that’s why becoming Djeepo storage hosts was an obvious choice for them.

Storage space sharing students in Lund, Sweden.

Students and More

The 25-year-old twins live in the South of Sweden in the student city of Lund, just thirty minutes from Copenhagen. Beatrice is studying in nearby Malmo to become a Real Estate Agent and Ebba is preparing to apply for Veterinary School. Despite their different educational interests they share a passion for living a sustainable life!

Below are some of the things they have been up to lately on their mission to make the world a better place.

They joined the Swedish trend Plogging. Plogging is when you “plocka up” which means pick up in Swedish, whilst jogging. The idea is to combine picking up trash with going for a run.
Plogging students in Lund, Sweden

They started the vegan Instagram account @2vegantwinswhere they post photos of delicious vegan dishes as well as some pretty innovative vegan recipes. Check it out and be inspired!

Vegan breakfast

The entrepreneurial students are also in the process of starting their own swimwear brand called Ocean Twins. Ocean Twins aim is to stop plastic pollution and to raise awareness around the pollution of the Baltic Sea.

The twins can now add becoming Djeepo hosts to their list of sustainable initiatives!

Storage Sharing Platform

What is Djeepo? Djeepo is an online sharing economy platform that connects people and businesses who have unused space in their homes or property with others, who are in need of nearby affordable storage space. Basically, it’s the Airbnb of storage space.
Storing things nearby, rather than transporting them to faraway traditional storage units is better in many ways. Storing locally saves costs and time and it saves the environment because there is less pollution from transportation. Additionally, when things are stored in existing space, building new constructions for storage is no longer necessary. Which means less pressure on urban space and hopefully, more space for nature.

Did you know?
Other interesting sharing economy initiatives that were recently spotted in Sweden are car sharing platform SnappCar and Honeycomb Housing, where people can offer their room to international students.

The storage space that Beatrice and Ebba rent out is a safe and accessible 3m2 storage room in their basement. Located in the center of Lund, just a couple of minutes walk from the famous Lund Cathedral. Previously they used the storage space to stash clothes and furniture that they no longer used. But when they heard about Djeepo, they decided to sell and donate everything. They figured that it made more sense to rent the storage space to people who need it more than they do. Making some extra cash in the process might have influenced that decision too.

Storage space in central Lund, Sweden“What’s smart about Djeepo is that people are renting space from their neighbors and thereby contributing to their local community, instead of filling the pockets of a large storage company.” - Ebba

Their storage space will help different people with their storage needs. For example students. Lund is home to one of the biggest Universities in Sweden. Students – and especially international students – are regularly looking for a place to store their stuff when they’re in between houses or when they’re abroad for some time.

Beatrice and Ebba are the first to share their storage space in Scandinavia. They hope that others will follow and start sharing their attics, garages and spare rooms with people in need of storage space.

Have some extra storage space? Start sharing!


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